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Welcome to the first newsletter "News from Care For The Caregiver at Dragons Lair." You are receiving this newsletter because you have expressed an interest in my adventures or in upcoming Care For The Caregiver and Dragons Breath Circle events. I am delighted to invite you into my world ;-)

This summer I traveled with Alida Birch to Twisp Washington to experience my very first Fairy and Human Congress! I had no idea what to expect. It was in a magical valley where the aura of the hidden realms was so strong that interaction between the realms beckened to us.

In spite of temperatures that soared at times over 100 degrees, I loved my experiences there. I was exposed to an ancient language of the elements to enhance engagement with them! I learned about humans who are experiencing committed relationships to loved ones in the hidden realms, while balancing these experiences with functional lives as a part of our human world. I encountered connection with the primordial sheaths which are keys of connection between who we are before birth and the human beings which we become during our lives. I was exposed to Appalachian magic which allowed me to wake up a stone and remind it to connect with it's kin, to recall connection with water and to invite the rain which did come!

Around every corner, songs were sung, bright garb was donned and sunlight sparkled. Intimate conversation with attendees at the congress sparked thoughts and visions about who we humans are and about who our true cousins may be. Perhaps you recall a time when you had an invisible friend who only you could see? Perhaps sometimes in nature you have spotted someone from the corner of your eye, a light, a movement, something that you knew to be there though in the direct gaze it fades into the twilight? Don't discount these experiences. I am finding that there is such amazing potential for connection with these commonly hidden realms and that there is an expectation that humans can do much better at being capable collaborators on this beautiful Gaia.

I left the Fairy and Human Congress with much to ponder and I know that this magical experience will deepen my work and illuminate my insights. Soon after the Congress I joined Colby Wilk at Stillpoint Farms for an amazing weekend. In a nurturing grove we were helped to connect with the stillness within. We were supported in realizing that when we find our balance within, all around us benefit too! We were given tools for deepening connection with our spiritual allies as well. I am grateful to Gi and Kathy for facilitating such a wonderful experience.

This summer also allowed me to explore the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon with my dear friends, Mary Courtis and Aalayah. We explored the green areas of Lithia Park and found a beautiful Japanese garden to enjoy amidst chattering river and engaging trees. The work of the bard was amazing on the open stage and we explored wonderful plays in the indoor theatres as well. I find myself pondering the adventures of the characters in the shows. To what extent are we free to choose our fate? To what extent are we influenced by those we travel with? With these questions in mind, I feel delighted to choose my path and my companions and to fully experience this fascinating life!

In my private practice (Care For The Caregiver) I have been amazed by the efficacy of integrating Howard Brockman's "Dynamic Energetic Healing" (DEH) modality with my healing, counseling and spiritual direction tools. This unique combination of Process Work, Energy Psychology and shamanic skills has proven highly successful in alleviating stress, trauma and a wide variety of challenges. It brings me such joy to see clients enhancing their wellness and achieving their goals :-)


Would you like to join in on one of my upcoming adventures? Do you know someone who would be perfect for an upcoming workshop with me? Please spread the news about these upcoming events at my convenient Springfield office:

***MEET YOUR ALLIES,Sept. 19 & 20, 16 CEU, Springfield,Oregon, 9:00am-5:30pm**************** Learn to integrate time-tested skills used for thousands of years by Shamanic Practitioners to gain personal insights and to assist loved ones &/or clients. In this workshop, you will connect with your personal team of allies who bring a new perspective and fresh solutions to daily challenges. This team will support your work! Participation in this workshop will also teach you traditional shamanic "journey " skills, opening a door to ageless shamanic wisdom.
**Meet helping allies to assist with accessing the realm of manifestation.
**Connect with a guide or teacher who will provide inspiration for you, your loved ones and your clients.
**Meet your fairy co-walker, guide to partnership with their "hidden realm."
**Initiate a relationship with your chief body elemental who can assist you with maximizing personal health and well being.
**Learn how to connect with the help that is all around us.
**Invite compassionate contact with the hidden allie/s of your dwelling. All this for only $149 including 16 CEU. Register at to receive directions to my convenient Springfield, OR office.


**Alliance with the Elements and With Nature, Oct. 31st, 8 CEU ,9:00am-5:30pm, Springfield,OR We as humans are born of the Earth and the elements. In this experiential workshop we will practice skills useful for ourselves, our loved ones and our clients to enhance our connection with nature.
**Learn how to deepen your connection with the land.
**Identify which of the four directions you are most powerful in. Learn how working with your core direction can enhance your foundation on the Earth.
**Learn what element you are most harmonious with. Become aware of what can be gained by enhancing this relationship! Register at to receive directions to my convenient Springfield, OR office.


**Chrysalis Class- An Exploration of the Veil Called Death, 11/14 day one, no pre-requisites, 8CEU, 9-5:30**************************

*****11/15 special second day which combines with day one for those with strong journey skills ready to learn Psychopomp work. "Meet Your Allies " Class or other journey training is required to attend day two, 11/15. 16 CEU for days 1&2, 9:00am-5:30pm, Springfield, Oregon******************************************** Day One will be an amazing journey to explore our relationship with death and with the veil between the living and those who have left their bodies.

** Explore how each of us holds onto what and who we love.
**Learn tools to release what is no longer useful in preparation for the small deaths in daily life and the transition of leaving the body.
**This program draws upon my experience with hospice and with medical Social Work in two hospitals. This class will enhance your life, help you to assist friends and loved ones preparing to leave their bodies and ease your way when you prepare to transition from your own body. Day One-$79

Day Two will deepen the exploration and will explore the shamanic practice of "Psychopomp" - helping earthbound spirits to be free to move on. In order to attend day two, you must be comfortable with shamanic journey technique and you must have a strong, solid relationship with your compassionate allies/ helping spirits.
**Learn what situations may cause a departed human to become earthbound.
** Learn multiple protection skills to assist earthbound spirits in a safe manner.
**Learn a special technique for safely assisting more than one earthbound spirit at a time in a respectful and effective manner. Attend Days one and two for just $150.

Register at Care For The to receive directions to my convenient Springfield, OR office.


Nurturing Toolkit- the art of putting your own oxygen mask on first- tools to help ourselves and to share with others, February 6, 2016, 8 CEU, 9:00am-5:30 pm, Springfield, OR. A wonderful Valentine's Gift for yourself and/or to give a loved one!
In this interactive 8 CEU workshop, practice tools from Shamanic Counseling, Energy Work, Jin Shin Jyutsu & Stress Reduction Modalities to support you in serving others while maintaining your own energy reserves to prevent burn out.

In a supportive setting, learn techniquies to achieve the following goals:
**Identify areas where you are out of sync with your aspirations.
**Restore connection with your "true self."
**Master 3 methods for recharging your personal batteries.
**Identify 2 techniques of nurturing yourself while in the presence of challenging clients, co-workers or family members.
**Learn to quickly clear your mind.
**Create a routine for de-stressing so that you don't carry stress forward in your day.
**Remember that you are one of the people you are meant to be caring for!

All of this self care which you can share with your clients, your friends and your loved ones for just $109. Includes 8 CEU! Register at to receive directions to my convenient Springfield, OR office. You can also send checks payable to Wendy EagleWolfe for any of the above events to the following MAILING Address: Wendy EagleWolfe, 1430 Willamette Street #195, Eugene, OR 97401.

Questions, comments, communication needed? Contact me at: 541-746-4192 or at [email protected] There is a 10 seat limit at each intimate event. Please register today to hold your space!

  • Dragons Breath Circle

    11/24/15, 7:00-9:00pm

    In November this intimate networking circle meets to express our gratitude for the gifts in our lives! Bring fliers to share!

  • Dragons Breath Circle

    3/22/16, 7:00-9:00pm

    In March we will look at what seeds we are planting in our lives and what weeds are ready to be pulled to eliminate what no longer serves us. Bring fliers about upcoming events to share :-)

  • Dragons Breath Circle

    7/25/16, 7:00-9:00pm

    In July, we will meet to renew our celebration of personal freedom in this intimate networking circle! Bring fliers to share with the group!

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